Weirdest stuff in 11/2017

Water Balloon Roulette

Water Balloon Roulette is the weirdest stuff of the week 11 in 2017 that you can buy on the internet. Can you imagine at your next party playing a game so exciting that it will create laughter all over the room? The rules of the game are simple. Pass the Party Roulette Revolver (with a balloon in place) to a friend. Your friend cocks the hammer and then pulls the trigger (hoping they can take their shot without popping the balloon). If the balloon doesn’t pop, the Party Roulette Revolver gets passed to the next person. The anticipation of the BIG BANG – if the balloon pops – is amazing . Watch your friends’ faces as they wait to take their turn. What happens to the person who pops the balloon is entirely up to you – You create the rules. The Party Roulette Game comes complete with everything you need. Have fun and enjoy the laughs.


List of the weirdest stuff you can buy on the internet in 2017.

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